FBT Europe are proud to supply bespoke kits and team wear to clubs across the world. Bespoke kits can have some real benefits to sports clubs.

The sewing department at the factory

Manufacture quality clothing for all types of sports ranging from training suit to competing suits. Modern machines are used alongside high-grade materials. FBT has over 700 sewing specialists who can produce over 10,000 clothes per day.

FBT is the top sporting goods manufacturer of Thailand with the focus on quality compatible with international standards.

The factory has a capacity to manufacture various sports clothing and equipment such as football, tennis racquet, shoes, boxing gears, petanque ball and another over 200 items.

The capability to produce variety of products that meet international standards makes FBT trustworthy for Thai and international markets.

The benefit of a bespoke kit

In any sport or place of work, having your own identity is so important. We see it in everyday life without thinking about. When we’re at the supermarket, when we’re watching Match of the Day or the rugby on TV. What these clubs have created is a personalised kit that is unique to them, that represents their values, their club colours and everything that is important to them. Ordering a bespoke kit gives you complete control over the colours, the design, the fabric and even smaller details like what type of stitching you’d like, that might add the X factor in feel and performance. An off the shelf kit simply doesn’t give the flexibility or control that makes the kit unique to you.

Bespoke sportswear in simple terms can give your team that extra 1% in performance.

Bespoke sportswear in simple terms can give your team that extra 1% in performance.It elevates a teams mood, it makes the individual feel better about themselves. Psychologically it adds that extra 1% which in turn can lead to improved performance and an improvement in results.

The beauty of having a bespoke shirt is that, as long as you are happy with the design you can use it for as long as you want. Therefore, you never need to worry about a shirt manufacturer changing their design or running out of stock. You take control of your kit, which in some markets is proving incredibly popular.

Minimum Orders

The factories terms for Bespoke minimum order qty is 100 pcs minimum per order and ideally 25pcs per each size.

E.g 25 small 25 medium 25 large 25 xl = 100pcs  moq. For higher qtys there is some flexibility in minimum order for each size eg 15 small, 175 medium, 100 large, 10 XL

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